Author, Researcher and Specialist in Latin American literature.

Carolina Orloff is a seasoned translator and a respected researcher with a focus on Latin American literature. Her extensive body of work spans critical publications on Julio Cortázar, as well as explorations into literature, cinema, politics, and translation theory. After completing her PhD at the University of Edinburgh and gaining valuable experience in academia, Carolina took the initiative in 2016 to establish Charco Press, where she currently serves as the publishing director.

About Us

Carolina Orloff, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in July 1977, is a notable figure in the field of Latin American literature. She is renowned for her expertise as a researcher and holds significant experience as a translator, proficient in both English and Spanish. Her translation portfolio encompasses a wide range of works, spanning from contemporary Latin American authors to the short stories of Virginia Woolf. Notably, in 2016, Carolina co-founded Charco Press, an endeavor in which she takes on the role of Main Editor, contributing to the promotion and publication of diverse literary voices.

Carolina has also made significant contributions as a co-translator, having worked on Jorge Consiglio’s “Fate” and Ariana Harwicz’s “Die, My Love,” the latter of which garnered longlisting for the Booker International Prize in 2018. In its relatively brief existence, Charco Press has earned accolades and recognition, including the Creative Edinburgh Start-Up of the Year Award in 2018 and the British Book Award – Scottish Regional Prize in both 2019 and 2020. Additionally, works published by Charco Press, such as Gabriela Cabezón Cámara’s “The Adventures of China Iron” and Claudia Piñeiro’s “Elena Knows,” were shortlisted for the Booker International Prize in 2020 and 2022. Notably, Carolina herself was honored as the ‘Emerging Publisher of the Year’ by the Saltire Society in 2018.